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Special edition of 2019 US Performance Awards

In the US, Leadec looks upon a proud tradition of celebrating their Leadec Performance Awards (LPA). It is certainly a highlight of the year when teams from across North America await, with great anticipation, the results in the different categories. But 2020 turned out to be different.


With its ceremony including the hand-over of trophies, red carpets, laudatory speeches and winner pictures it is an emotional focal point of appreciation. The LPA ceremony was scheduled in San Antonio, Texas in mid-April 2020, and of course it was cancelled. The People Services team, however, was resolved not to let the corona pandemic destroy the Leadec culture of employee respect and recognition. In these times, people deserve the award more than ever." So the decision was taken: Even if a personal get-together is not possible right now, Leadec people will still receive their awards.


The solution was to use a mixture of new and old media. The People Service team resorted to both snail mail and digital communication. They sent out the awards congratulating and asking sites to share pictures and a brief story about the award, which they then in turn posted on the Leadec employee app. 


The Awards were presented in the following categories:

  • Safety
  • Non-Site Award
  • Engineering Services
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Development


What our colleagues say

Admiring how the US team dealt with the situation. Congratulation to the winners and their performance!

Nice work team! Thank you keeping these important recognition awards alive and well during these crazy times.

Thank You for your hard work and ability to keep everything on track!

Excellent Job, Guys-especially in these challenging times! Congrat to all winners, but also „thank you“ to all participants who contributed to Leadecs outstanding Performance in the previous months. We all can be proud of this Great Team!

Congrats to all the Award Winners. Well done!

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