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    Build up manufacturing & assembly capacities with Leadec. Line & machine building is one of the world's leading industries, and it’s not without reason. Machines are ubiquitous in many sub-industries and indispensable for manufacturing products of all sizes.
  • High-Quality Solutions for The Line & Machine Building Industry

    Build up manufacturing & assembly capacities with Leadec. Line & machine building is one of the world's leading industries, and it’s not without reason. Machines are ubiquitous in many sub-industries and indispensable for manufacturing products of all sizes.

Leadec optimizes production for line & machine builders.

With the evolving economy shifting towards consumer-centricity, line and machine builders face escalating expectations to meet the ever-growing demands for speed, scale, and sophistication.

Coping with these multifaceted requirements can be overwhelming. Outsourcing maintenance repair operations (MRO) to a reliable service provider is a strategic approach that fulfills these expectations, simultaneously reducing expenses and enhancing overall performance. In fact, this is the preferred approach among 94% of manufacturers who have already capitalized on this effective business model.


At Leadec, we use our 60 years of experience to provide line & machine builders with state-of-the-art solutions to modernize and optimize production capabilities so that you can generate added value for your end users.

Harness the full potential of extensive expertise.

Manufacturers often rush to expedite production processes in order to recover their return on investment swiftly.


Unfortunately, this haste often comes at the expense of product reliability, as well as the sustainability of manufacturing tools. Isn't it a shame?


With Leadec by your side, you won't have to overlook any stage of the production process. Our unique advantage lies in providing full-service support, allowing your operations to achieve their full potential while ensuring quality control and maximizing equipment lifetime. Furthermore, with Leadec's regular maintenance services, you can save on future machine repairs, which also helps minimize downtime.


Whether it's warranty management, developing modular assembly lines, or complete facility management, you can experience enhanced productivity that relieves you from the burden of monitoring your factory floor. Instead, you can enjoy the freedom to concentrate on core business functions.


  • Turnkey Conveyor Integration
  • Automation


  • Equipment Installation 

    Mechanical + Electrical

  • Relocation


  • Production Equipment Maintenance
  • Technical Cleaning


  • Technical Facility Management
  • Integrated Facility Management

Why Partner with Leadec USA?

Leverage data to ensure efficiency and defectless products.

Line and machine builders should not feel intimidated by data - on the contrary. Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power, allowing you to be on top of your production process.


Data we collect and analyze from multiple sources throughout your assembly line gives you a comprehensive overview of your operational performance. Given access to both historical and real-time data, you can effectively monitor quality control, implement preventive maintenance measures, identify areas for improvement, and, ultimately, make informed decisions toward improved operational efficiency.


Our primary objective is to provide you with optimized and audit-proof performance documentation, which has proven valuable in ensuring efficiency and client satisfaction. This is our utmost priority.

Achieve production flexibility with advanced technology.

In today's manufacturing landscape, meeting consumer demands for fast, large-scale manufacturing of increasingly sophisticated products can be challenging. Limited time, budgets, and manpower add to the pressure faced by manufacturers.


So let Leadec help you maximize flexibility in manufacturing. When you build and design lines for diverse industrial settings, we can offer advanced technology and automation tools for a modularized approach. Such technologies at your disposal will ensure smooth future customizations that will align with your consumer expectations. Our offerings encompass a wide range of cutting-edge solutions, including robots, drones, sensors, and IoT technologies, all are readily available for you to leverage.

Reap the benefits of valued employees.

At Leadec, we believe that human capital is a company’s most valuable asset, and as such, we made it a mission to attract the best employees and invest in them.


As part of this ambition, we organize over 50 talent conferences annually, providing space for professional development and personal growth. We also prioritize equal opportunities for diverse job candidates, as we recognize the value of fostering a dynamic blend of backgrounds. This commitment also extends to the veteran community, resulting in our esteemed recognition as a Military Friendly Employer for 2023.


You too can benefit from our talent recruitment and management services, as we can assist you in sourcing exceptional personnel, alleviating this responsibility from your shoulders.


We know that when our employees feel supported, valued, and empowered, they remain with us for the long term, ready to deliver even better service to you.


We are proud of our employees. Thanks to their unwavering dedication and loyalty, we can serve you better, helping you achieve your goals and beyond.

Ready to take your operation one step further?

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