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  • First-Tier Support for The Wheel & Tire Industry

    Maximize the quality, durability, and safety of your wheel & tire production with Leadec’s tailored solutions. The more the automotive industry expands, the heavier the responsibility wheel & tire manufacturers have to fulfill end users’ desire for an exhilarating driving experience. This presents a substantial production challenge, where industry experts strive to create an exciting driving experience without compromising durability and safety. Orchestrating such a complex production process necessitates utilizing appropriate tools, technology, and effective management.

At Leadec we have it all.

By leveraging our extensive experience in the automotive sector, we have developed tailored reliable solutions specifically for wheel & tire manufacturers.

These solutions deliver significant value, particularly in an industry where deliveries must be made on time and in the proper sequence.

Take advantage of full-cycle support system

Leadec has emerged as the preferred outsourcing partner for many wheel & tire manufacturers, primarily due to our comprehensive support that spans across all factory functions.


We can handle the ins and outs of your entire factory’s life cycle. When manufacturing, assembly, quality control monitoring, logistics, maintenance, recruiting, and administration - are all taken care of under one roof - you can trust that your operation runs flawlessly and most efficiently, allowing you to focus on core functions and business development. We believe this arrangement is the key to achieving maximum outcomes, as everyone can concentrate on what they do best.


  • Turnkey Conveyor Integration
  • Automation


  • Equipment Installation 

    Mechanical + Electrical

  • Relocation


  • Production Equipment Maintenance
  • Technical Cleaning


  • Technical Facility Management
  • Integrated Facility Management

Why Partner with Leadec USA?

Make data-driven decisions.

Embracing big data is no longer just a competitive advantage. The truth is that data, data integration, and data analytics have become essential elements for success in the modern industrial landscape, but even more so - in “the factory of tomorrow”.


This is why our production and maintenance solutions are designed to capture data. We utilize advanced software to extract and track this data, conducting regular analysis to uncover both patterns and anomalies that might otherwise go unnoticed. As our valued client, you will receive transparent and regular reports on these findings, empowering you with the information needed for optimized decision-making and operation altogether. Additionally, we offer the option to integrate your existing software with our Leadec.os platform and IoT Home Cloud, providing enhanced transparency across all production aspects.


Implementing these tools today will not only benefit you here and now, but also ensures your readiness to evolve and align with industry advancements.

Let innovation create new opportunities.

In addition to the wheel and tire industry's requirements for high quality, durable materials, and utmost safety, manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to meet end users' demand for an exceptional driving experience. As it appears, tires have become an increasingly important component of “inspiring modern mobility”, offering more opportunities for players in this field to shine and stand out.


Unlocking this potential can be achieved by integrating innovative technologies into your production processes. Leadec's experienced teams are equipped to provide you with smart services and state-of-the-art equipment across the entire value chain, allowing you to optimize every step of the production process. Through innovation, you can attain new levels of efficiency and product quality, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Achieve business goals with the finest employees.

Investment in our employees is one of our core values. This has been our strategy since day one, and it has never failed us during our five decades of global operations. Notably, our employee retention rate consistently exceeds 85%, ensuring that we continually deliver services with the finest teams available.


To foster an empowering and positive work environment, we host over 50 talent conferences annually and prioritize equal employment opportunities. Moreover, Leadec proudly holds the esteemed recognition as a Military Friendly Employer for 2023. These initiatives provide our employees with avenues for professional challenges and personal growth, ultimately boosting their motivation to remain with us for the long term.


We are proud of our employees. Thanks to their unwavering dedication and loyalty, we can serve you better, helping you achieve your goals and beyond.

Ready to take your operation one step further?

Full-service support is at your fingertips!

Contact us today so we can start making a better tomorrow.

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