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  • Pioneering Support Services for The Logistics & Warehousing Industry.

    Solidify your supply chain resilience with Leadec. Global events that have unfolded since the early 2020s have demonstrated how critical logistics is in the context of global consumption. A single disruption in the supply chain can have a far-reaching ripple effect, impeding the entire production process and resulting in escalated costs that ultimately trickle down to the customers.

Leadec steers logistics through supply chain storms.

Companies operating in the logistics & warehousing sector must possess the agility and strategic foresight to effectively navigate the challenges within the supply chain and proactively mitigate their impact to the greatest extent possible.


At Leadec, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for the logistics & warehousing industry, enabling you to establish yourself as a dependable provider. By harnessing data-driven solutions and leveraging advanced technological systems, you can effectively minimize the impact of any external threats to your operations, ensuring that you consistently deliver value to your clients, regardless of the circumstances.

Reinforce your operation with end-to-end support.

In the logistics & warehousing industry, establishing a healthy balance between lean operations and effective ongoing production is crucial.


This unique environment involves multiple moving parts, requiring optimal machinery functionality around the clock and managing as many of these elements in-house.


What sets Leadec apart from other service providers is our comprehensive support services that cover the entire lifecycle of your operations. We take care of all logistical tasks, both within and outside your facility. Our teams possess the expertise and skills to professionally and reliably address all your operational needs from beginning to end, encompassing installation, resident-maintenance support, and optimization. By offering these services, we eliminate the need for reliance on third parties, empowering you to manage your supply chain independently. This framework has proven to be the best framework for your production, allowing you to focus on managing other business functions and driving business growth.


  • Turnkey Conveyor Integration
  • Automation


  • Equipment Installation 

    Mechanical + Electrical

  • Relocation


  • Production Equipment Maintenance
  • Technical Cleaning


  • Technical Facility Management
  • Integrated Facility Management

Why Partner with Leadec USA?

Embrace data to grow your business.

The incorporation of data into daily operations is a game changer for companies in the logistics and warehousing industry. Consistently capturing data enables organizations to perfect their internal processes, for instance, by avoiding stock-outs, reducing inventory costs, optimizing production plans, streamlining cargo shipments and routing, and enhancing supply and demand forecasting.


At Leadec, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions that enable you to capitalize on this data. By using advanced software, we extract data from every stage of your operations, conduct a thorough analysis and provide regular reports. Equipped with this valuable data, you gain improved visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs), identify areas of weakness, and uncover opportunities for enhancement. Furthermore, our Leadec.os platform and IoT Home Cloud offer seamless integration with your existing software, ensuring enhanced transparency across all aspects of production.

Be a leader in your industry.

The logistics industry has undergone tremendous transformations in recent years, with cutting-edge technologies playing an increasingly prominent role in the supply chain. These advancements have become so prevalent in the industry’s landscape, that companies that fail to embrace these innovations simply stay behind.


Our goal at Leadec is to help you be at the forefront of your industry, by providing you with advanced technology and smart devices that seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Robots, drones, sensors, and IoT solutions will enable you to maximize automation, resulting in a safer, more efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving operation.

Capitalize on employee satisfaction.

The success of a business heavily relies on its employees. That's why we prioritize recruiting top-notch candidates and investing in their growth. Achieving an impressive 85% employee retention rate is one of the accomplishments we’re the most proud of, as it not only contributes to the satisfaction of our employees but also benefits our clients.


Our exceptional employee retention rate is a testament to the positive experiences our employees have with us. We organize over 50 talent conferences annually, allowing employees to expand their skills and enhance their expertise. Additionally, we are dedicated to equal opportunities and supporting the veteran community, leading us to be recognized as a Military Friendly Employer for 2023.


You can also take advantage of our talent recruitment and management services, as we are equipped to support you in finding exceptional personnel, relieving you of this responsibility.


We know that when our employees feel supported, valued, and empowered, they remain with us for the long term, ready to deliver even better service to you.


We are proud of our employees. Thanks to their unwavering dedication and loyalty, we can serve you better, helping you achieve your goals and beyond.

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