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  • Leadec employee on a factory roof checks external installation of ventilation system.
  • Integrated Facility Management

    Under an Integrated Facility Management model you typically not only outsource the operational activity of the hard (technical) and soft (non-technical) services, but also a portion of the tactical and the strategic alignment would become a joint responsibility for you and your future partner.

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Integrated FM increases site productivity

The customers’ production facilities are where Leadec feels most at home and adds value. We have deep insights into factories at more than 350 locations and global blue-chip customers.


Leadec works by forming tailored Integrated Facility Management concepts that manage technical, infrastructural, and administrative processes equally. This views production as a holistic end-to-end process, where the risk of failure must be minimized, and the whole lifecycle of the facilities must be simultaneously maximized. The objective of our solution is to optimize every stage in the process and the lifecycle of the assets & equipment

Integrated FM with a technical edge

Synergies by bundling services

At Leadec we have experience in implementing best in class integrated FM solution for your factories across multiple industries like automotive, FMCG and other general manufacturing industries. With decades of technical expertise acquired on the shopfloor we are bundling services for the factory and building: for one site, for many sites, for an entire region or even across countries.

Hard services

  • HVAC
  • Electrical & mechanical installation
  • Lightning
  • Water installation
  • Fire protection & sprinkler system
  • Elevators, alarm system
  • Compressed air
  • Communication system security
  • Cranes
  • Signage, doors & gates
  • Roads
  • Forklifts
  • Canteen Equipment

Soft services

  • Janitorial cleaning
  • Machine cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Winter services
  • Waste management
  • Postal services
  • Internal transport
  • Pest control
  • Event management
  • Relocation & furniture management
  • Security services
  • Locker management

Benefits of the Integrated FM model

Take advantage of our holistic, output-based service concept for industrial property management.

Supplier centralization

Quality improvement

Cost reduction

Whitepaper: How Integrated Facility Management optimizes production

The whitepaper provides an overview of current challenges and opportunities in the food & beverage industry. In particular, under-utilization of plant and equipment and maintenance costs are having negative impacts. Learn more about how Integrated Facility Management optimizes production by streamlining all support services through a single efficient model.


Download (PDF)

Integrated IT solutions thanks to Leadec.os

Leadec offers the Leadec.os solution which digitizes the entire end-to-endd service/production process. The platform creates maximum transparency regarding planning and provision of all services. Customers can digitally view and control all relevant service processes connected with production and intelligently use the data obtained.


The platform creates a decision-making system through which the company and the service provider can jointly make processes significantly more economical, qualitatively better and more flexible. The optimization potential that the networked factories of the future can achieve effectively drives greater productivity in the plant.

More about Leadec.os

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