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Case Studies

As a service champion, we are passionate about our customers. Our goal is to create a leading edge for our customers. A unique combination of customized services and highly qualified teams makes us the preferred partner of the manufacturing industry all over the world and in various industries. With the following references, you can get a small overview of our wide-ranged services.

Production Equipment Maintenance

Key Facts

The customer:  a major white good manufacturer
Start of contract: 2018
Contract duration: 3 years
Size of plant: 2.000.000 m²
Service type:  Production Equipment Maintenance, Technical Cleaning


  • Little asset history/use of CMMS
  • Low number of processes for preventive maintenance and asset reliability
  • Low OEE in key value streams

Tools & Procedures

  • Production Equipment Maintenance


  • Planned Jobs and Project Completion Maintenance


  • Equipment Cleaning


  • Management of Technical Training Lab and Program


  • Development of Technical Training Course Material

Results / Added Value

  • Strong focus on developing new preventive maintenance tasks and improving existing PMs to reduce downtime of critical assets
  • Developed a 200-point technical assessment to develop customized development plans for all client and Leadec team members

Complex Service Agreement

Key Facts

The customer:  a major automobile manufacturer
Start of contract: 2019
Contract duration: 3 years
Size of plant: 700.000 m²
Service type:  Facility Management, Technical Cleaning, Housekeeping, Production Support


  • Diversity of service offering to support Assembly, Stamping, Body, Global Propulsion and Suppliers

  • increased customer GMS and scorecard requirements with reduced resources

Tools & Procedures

  • Facilities & production support maintenance

  • Housekeeping

  • Technical cleaning of weld cells and plant equipment

  • Cardboard and other production support

  • Grounds management

Results / Added Value

  • Leadec Spring Hill consistently performs among the top SA providers for OEM.


  • Excellent partnership and service delivery  creating a sustainable business relationship.


  • Customer survey score of 93% for 2020.


  • Strong safety culture with a .67 recordable rate for 2020.


  • Diverse and skilled management team capable of service expansion and delivery.

Paint Shop Technical Cleaning

Key Facts

The customer:  a major truck manufacturer
Start of contract: 1995
Contract duration: annual
Size of plant: 47.000 m²
Service type:  Technical Cleaning


  • High requirements in technology and quality

Tools & Procedures

  • MRO storeroom management


  • Accurately process spare parts within the CMMS (Maintimizer & SAP) for future availibility


  • Water reclamation management of Paint booths


  • Chemical Technician is responsible for monitoring and adjusting chemicals to ensure that water pH levels are within range

Results / Added Value

  • Customer received an internal award; their internal audit yielded the best scores this site has seen in over 30 year

  • Safety Oriented; 525 days and counting of operation with zero recordable injuries


  • Excellent customer service; Customer has recognized Leadec's performance 

Buffering Conveyor System

The assignment

Design and build buffering conveyor system for vehicle bodies prior to entrance into paint.

The challenges

  • Limited space required ceiling suspended mezzanine to be designed and fabricated so equipment could be installed over existing welding equipment.
  • Building trusses were initially found to be inadequate to support mezzanine, therefore, ceiling reinforcement was necessary.
  • All work was to be completed during shutdowns and off hours.

The process

  • Step 1: Reinforce roof trusses to support mezzanine.
  • Step 2: Hanging the mezzanine supports designed by Leadec. Note: Roller beds lifted to sections as they are installed.
  • Step 3: Installing mezzanine sections designed by Leadec. Note: Installed and welded.
  • Step 4: All conveyor design completed with Inventor
  • Step 5: Conveyor assembled and kitted at shop. Note: Kitting, prewired and tested in shop to reduce installation time.
  • Step 6: PLC design and fabrication completed. Note: Kitting, prewired and tested in shop to reduce installation time.
  • Step 7: Installed and commissioned on site.

Equipment Install

The assignment

  • Equipment install for OEM: tallapoosa, GA
  • Overall disciplines: engineering, mechanical, electrical, project management
  • Engineer, fabricate + installation for overhead mezzanines
  • Install of the customer supplied transmission line equipment

Scope of services

Greenfield project consisting of engineeing, fabrication, and installation of overhead mezzanines, cages, safety railing and electrical and mechanical installation of Transmission Line Equipment supplied by OEM.

Work performed

  • (49) Tooling Stations
  • (35) Conveyor Turntables
  • (8) Elevators
  • (1800 LF) Conveyor
  • (3500 SF) Mezzanine

Safety System Replacement

The assignment

The manufacturer of the safety system obsoleted the safety processor, IO and safety bus system. The customer, supported by Leadec, developed a more robust and supportable safety system utilizing current state of the art safety products.

Leadec equipment installations

  • 28 Guardlogix processors
  • 28 Startic S700 Ethernet switches
  • All new AB safety rated inputs/outputs
  • Cable tray and panel modification

The challenge

Modify during shutdowns and weekends to minimize production interruptions.

The outcome

Leadec was responsible for:


  • Providing new safety layout
  • Removing existing hardware
  • Pre-programming and installing new IO
  • Modified drawing and redesigned network communications

Paintshop Management and Technical Cleaning

The assignment

  • Complete management of 6 paint lines
  • 1,600 Vehicles per day
  • Skip cleaning, deep cleaning
  • Skids, grates and fixtures removed, staged and reinstalled by Leadec

The customer

Large automotive OEM

The scope

  • 5 Wet booths
  • 1 Dry booth + 5 zones
  • 8 Years on site

The outcome

  • The only supplier recognized in 2016
  • Highest first-run rate in company: Over 99.0%
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): 9.5/10
  • 6% Cost savings per year

Engine Line Install

The assignment

Greenfield installation of customer equipment into AE facility.


The challenges

  • Piston line
  • Head line A (DI)
  • Head line B (over/under conveyor)
  • Block line A + B
  • Main line A-D
  • 8 Mezzanines
  • 16 Elevators
  • Approximately 100 robots
  • 86 Automatic stations
  • 1 Nut runner to be located from Plant 2

MRO Stores Management

Key Facts

The customer:  a major automobile manufacturer
Start of contract: 2018
Contract duration: 3 years
Size of plant: 140000 m²
Service type:  MRO


  • Greenfield implementation of spares storage solution and spares management process infrastructure
  • Thousands of unidentified and uncatalogued parts as part of line builder initial spares packages
  • Inadequate customer process for assigning unique part IDs (item #s) resulted in many duplicate IDs for same part

Tools & Procedures

  • MRO storeroom management
  • Accurately process spare parts within the CMMS (Maximo) for future availibility
  • Fulfill and deliver material requests pertaining to work orders and consumables to specific drop points 
  • Methodically store parts to decrease downtime
  • Collaborate with various entities to reduce lead times and ensure superb part / material availability 

Results / Added Value

  • Excellent customer service: Conduct weekly cycle counts to ensure storeroom accuracy; finished 2019 with a 99.6% accuracy rating
  • Strong focus on a culture of safety; 966 days of operation with ZERO recordable injuries
  • Identified and scrubbed 241 duplicate parts resulting in significant cost savings/avoidance
  • Motivated to see our customer succeed in SC; significant annual cost savings recognized by the customer

Additional Information

  • Manage the warranty and return program for all maintenance parts
  • The team is comprised of: Material Specialist (3), Procurement Liaison (1), Shipping Clerk (1), and (1) Facility Manager
  • Distribute all team-wear of the customer
  • Complete weekly stock-out reports to identify and reorder items as needed

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