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Smart Factory Group

The Smart Factory Group is Leadec‘s Innovation Hub. We bring ideas to Most-Viable-Services (MVS) in joint collaboration with our divisional experts and international IoT partners. 

Smart services for smart factories

Our focus is generating value through business models in existing or newly developing digital ecosystems. We support our customers to bring factories to the next level of performance by transforming data to valuable insights and information. A broad technology-portfolio and industrial IoT platforms are our enablers on the journey to the factory of the future.

How we work

The Smart Factory Group is operating globally. We assess and fund value creation through IoT and draw on the many years of knowledge our colleagues have gained from numerous projects. We are completely open and neutral towards platforms, technologies and systems. Our ambition is to partner to industry-platforms, ecosystems and academic communities. Start-up mentality and the idea of open innovation is part of our DNA. In this way we act without boundaries and from the interface with machine and software providers.

Our topics

We use our Leadec-IoT-Homecloud, which is embedded within the Leadec.os platform, to connect and to scale our IoT-based services. „Everything-as-a-service“ is our credo.


We generate valuable information through the combination and processing of data from various sources and systems in the factory. Leadec‘s factory experts help us on a seamless information flow from data acquisition and API development via data structuring/enrichment to information visualization and automated data driven activities on our, or on partner platforms.


Our targets are new and integrated factory services.

What drives us

"The Internet of Things is a disruption. Connectivity, industrial platforms and data security regulations is now enabling smart production in smart ecosystem. As Leadec we already service the entire factory life-cycle. With the addition of our IoT-Services, we are are now able to create a new and output oriented view on factory total cost of ownership. We see ourselves as a „Facilitator of the Ecosystem“ and as such look deeply into integrated service concepts including flexible pay-per-X models."

Dr. Bernd Voelpel, Global Head of Smart Factory Group